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Our proud partnership includes strong and steady ties with big-name leaders and innovators.


Hortonworks is a cutting edge innovator in the data industry. Logika offers integrated services consisting of design consultation and development services through Hortonwork’s Partnership consultant program. Our partnership covers a wide array of innovating open source communities like Apache Hadoop and Spark among others. Passion for driving world’s data has established their deep roots in this community and strong partnerships with other big names. Our partnership with Hortonworks is on its way to make Big Data the next-big-thing.


Logika serves as a certified consulting partner with Confluent. Confluent was founded by the developers of Apache Kafka. Their major focus is on providing easy access to enterprise data and to increase the value of data by improving the speed and agility while keeping the integrity of the data in mind. Confluent’s open-sourced Apache Kafka are meeting real-time business needs of various companies across multiple industries. Together with confluent, we manage a substantial amount of stream data and make it accessible throughout an organization. While optimizing the scalability of existing Kafka clusters, confluent offers expert consulting services and professional training in various sectors from retail, logistics, and manufacturing to healthcare and automotive.  Our combined passion for Big Data Analysis and large volume data integration has been the key to our long and successful partnership.


Denodo is privately held leader in data virtualization with capabilities of querying, searching and managing substantial corporate data. Denodo provides agile and high-performance data abstraction solutions to Big Data and unstructured data sources. Our partnership with denodo has gained our clients significant inclines in their ROIs. With expertise, skills, and experience in Research and development, enterprise-scale deployments of solutions, Denodo has it all. Through extensive use of sources like NoSQL and Hadoop, denodo has become a global force and strives for the liberation of data. Logika partnership with Denodo has been a cornerstone in combining our lust for improving data and will forever act as a catalyst in fostering enterprise use of data.


CloudBolt is a cloud management platform that integrates on-premises resources and public clouds in a single, intuitive interface. It makes provisioning, measuring and controlling the consumption of computing resources, regardless of location and technology, easy. IT admins can stand up CloudBolt in hours, and gain visibility,  and the ability to manage costs, while end-users gain a self-service platform that provides instant access to the Applications, VM’s and Containers they need.

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Multichain helps organizations to build and deploy blockchain applications with speed. It’s an open platform for blockchain applications.